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How to participate the residency programme?

The applicant should be over 18 years old and has a professional background in the creative industry, or equivalent experiences in attending or graduated in/from art educational institutions. Applicants may send personal statements (no more than 300 words), a CV and personal portfolios to hellotreestudio@163.com to join our programme. 


What are the key features of the residency programme?

The residency connects the urban scenes and geographical sites, the artist will not only setting up the connections to local professional communities but also will have opportunities in exposing to the ethnical minority culture groups during the trip designed by Hellotree.


Are there any details on the Grand Tour during the residency?

We are currently developing several touring routes that is customised for our residency artists, at the moment, the route of "Inner Ring" is fully discovered and well evaluated as a one-week artist tour in which the participated artists can expand their experiences in understandings of Tibetan culture, the ancient Chinese architectures, and Asian geographical wonders. The "Seeking the Shangri-La" route is the latest artist tour that we are still developing, within this project, we are planning a two-week-tour under the background of "Shangri-La" that was mentioned by British novelist James Hilton, the route will be opened for the resident artist in the spring of 2018.


What resources can you provide for the artist who participates the residency programme?

We provide private studios, a shared media working station (usually by shared by 2 artists), private transport services (by appointment) and local guiding/interpreting services. We also provide consultant services for the artists in residence to get better involvements into local galleries and curator societies. 


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